This project consisted of building a lamp that would change colors based on ambient volume. The lamp was created as a group exercise in implementing sensors to build an environmentally responsive prototype and provide documentation that would allow future users to replicate and elaborate on the design.

I led brainstorming and design exercises and built, tested, and filmed the lamp with two peers who also helped build and program the lamp. The lamp uses an Arduino, adafruit microphone, and neopixel lights.

grid of sticky notes with sketches on wall

Initial brainstorming of designs

clusters of sticky notes with similar designs

Grouping similar designs into categories

Three distinct designs represented by sticky notes

Selecting three best designs: furniture edges, butterfly, or simple and abstract form

Developing the Design

ink and colored pencil sketches of lamp concepts, from top left: blue butterfly; blue, yellow, green column; red and blue convex column; flowerlike multicolored; multicolored globe; and outline of chair.

Detailed sketches of concepts

carpet with 2 red pliers, blue scissors, white thread and strip of LEDs shaped like a butterfly

Constructing the prototype

Final video of contruction and demonstration of concept