Top header blue with Tie icon says Engage, subheader we aim to help stay-at-home dads come back to industry, blue navbar, photo of smiling father and daughter holding tablets

I worked with an interdisciplinary student team over the course of a semester to develop a website and wearable device to connect stay-at-home fathers and industry professionals.

I led research including conducting a literature review, creating user surveys and interviews to gauge interest and understand the target population. I used that information to develop usability criteria and specifications for the website and the wearable business card. We also collected feedback at multiple stages through brief surveys during demonstrations of working concepts.

I conducted user testing with prototypes of our website and device, including both qualitative measures, such as subjective perceptions of the system, and quantitative measures, such as the time it took for first time users to use the RFID enabled tie clip to send a digital business card.

Explore the prototype of our website.

Many thanks to the project team for a wonderful experience: Auzita Irani, John Hinkel, Vicky Gao

diagram of tie clip

Visual design by Vicky Gao