I worked on a collaborative research project as part of the Culture and Technology lab at Georgia Tech, in conjunction with research group at UGA and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.


How do children interact with museum exhibits?

How do these interactions fulfill experiential learning goals?

What are parents’ goals for children in an interactive museum?

I helped develop design research activities to elicit parental goals surrounding interactive learning. We came up with design activities such as collaging in response to a set of prompts. These activities allow participants to engage creatively with the experience of self-expression, communication and learning and elicit qualitative responses that direct design towards creative directions beyond responses to explicit questions.

I conducted exploratory interviews with parents about their experiences with learning exhibits to gain a better understanding of the kinds of questions that would be relevant to a surveyed population. This information was used when I helped script interview questions for parents to express specific goals and responses to existing and hypothetical museum attractions, as well as investigate concerns such as safety and privacy.

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